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Introduction: Jin Jiang Royal Palace Hotel in Haining is located at No. 302 Haining Avenue, close to Haining China Leather City. With strategic location, it is connected to the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. The hotel is 10 minutes away from the downtown, and 15 minutes away from the railway station, 120 minutes away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and 60 minutes away from Xiaoshan International Airport. It is the first five-star luxury business hotel in Haining invested by Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd. and fully managed by Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Company Limited.

海宁是名人之乡,人才辈出且具有悠久的灯文化。酒店2008年11月8日正式开业,大堂及水景二组吊灯灯体选择了海宁历史上文化名人的诗词及名句作为创作基础,取名《海宁之境》、《志摩之境》,包含的名人有:国学大师王国维、著名武侠小说家金庸、诗人顾况、査慎行、女词人朱淑真、诗人徐志摩等,各名人的语句在内置灯光的作用下交相辉映,寓意海宁人杰地灵、文化之光熠熠生辉,人文气息古往今来相传不朽,与酒店充斥的中国元素 相得益彰。

Haining is a hometown of celebrities and talents and with a long history of lamp culture. The hotel was officially opened on November 8th, 2008. The two sets of chandelier lamp body in the lobby and waterscape selected poems and famous sentences of Haining's historical celebrities as the basis for creation and named Haining's Land and Zhimo's Land. They quote poems and words of celebrities like master of Chinese culture Wang Guowei , famous martial arts novelist Jin Yong, poet Gu Kuang, Zha Shenxing, female poet Zhu Shuzhen, poet Xu Zhimo, etc.. These quoted words enhance each other's beauty under the effect of the built-in lights, highlighting that Haining abounds in outstanding people, profound culture and strong and unceasing atmosphere of humanism of all ages, complementing the various Chinese elements in the hotel.


The hotel is large in scale, with 313 comfortable rooms and suites from the 7th floor to 25th floor. All rooms have the view of the beauty of new urban center and the dynamic urban outlook in Haining. In the hotel rooms and corridors, original print works are adopted to reflect the artistic situation and humanistic care of the hotel with a more original artistic appearance. All rooms are equipped with shopping guide of Haining China Leather City, quarterly fashion magazine LEATHER, and display data published by the new leather index, providing you with the convenient service for shopping, business investment and understanding of the new trends in the leather industry.

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客房介绍 Rooms
酒店拥有三种不同类型的商务套房,配备完善的电脑设施,满足商务人士的一切需求。 The hotel has three different types of business suites, and all rooms are equipped with complete computer facilities to meet the needs of business people.
  • 特色女宾房内到处散发着女性婉约、柔美的气质,每个细节都为女性量身定制,让您有似闺蜜的惊喜。 The characteristic women guest room is full of feminine grace and femininity. Every detail is tailor-made for women, giving you a pleasant surprise.

  • 宽敞明亮的豪华标间、豪华单间、家庭住房能为入住宾客带来宾至如归的感官体验。 Bright and spacious luxury standard rooms, deluxe single rooms, family suites can bring guests home-from-home sensory experience.

  • 总统套房位于酒店25层,面积达400多平方米,房内装修豪华典雅,厨房与洋酒吧台现代温馨,书房与客厅中式古典,入住后可将海宁中国皮革城全景布局尽收眼底。

  • The Presidential Suite is located on the 25th floor of the hotel and covers an area of more than 400 square meters. The rooms are luxuriously and elegantly decorated with modern and warm kitchen and bar counters. The study room and living room are of classical Chinese style. In the suite, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Haining China Leather City.

餐饮介绍 Dining
酒店拥有中、西餐厅,餐厅包厢20个,餐位1000个,大小会议室7个,宴会厅1个,可同时容纳350人用餐。不仅可在酒店顶层豪华餐厅享用顶级美食,亦可在开放式厨房挑选自助美食,给您带来全新的饕餮享受。 The hotel has Chinese and Western restaurants with 20 private dining rooms, 1,000 dining seats, 7 conference rooms of different sizes and a banquet hall, which can accommodate 350 people at the same time. You can not only enjoy the top-quality cuisine in the hotel's top-floor luxury restaurant, but also can choose food from buffet cuisine in the open kitchen, which will bring you fresh enjoyment of delicacy.
  • 唐宫位于酒店26楼,主营高档粤菜,坐拥海宁城市全貌,独一无二的就餐环境给你带来前所未有的美食体验。 Tang Palace is located on the 26th floor of the hotel and specializes in high-end Cantonese cuisine. With a panoramic view of Haining City, the unique dining environment will bring you an unprecedented gourmet experience.

  • 行政酒廊提供各式中西茶点、进口水果、鸡尾酒、浓香四溢的现磨纯情咖啡等,是您商务洽谈的理想场所。 The Executive Lounge offers a variety of Chinese and western refreshments, imported fruits, cocktails, freshly ground coffee, and so on. It is your ideal place for business meetings.

  • 二楼清樽红烛中餐厅主营杭帮菜系,餐厅环境以海宁非物质文化遗产为主流的“皮影”皮贴画为装饰,体现皮革之都的独特文化。 On the second floor, Qingzun Hongzhu Chinese Restaurant specializes in Hangzhou cuisine. The restaurant is decorated with the leather pictorial paintings of “Shadow Puppet” that takes Haining's intangible cultural heritage as the mainstream, embodying the unique culture of the leather capital.

  • 咖啡厅自助晚餐,世界各地美食汇聚于此,让您的舌尖在四季中不停各地穿梭。 Buffet dinner of the Café gathers food from all over the world, allowing you to taste delicacies of four seasons.

  • 无论是大型会议、节目、晚宴或是私密派对,我们均有专业人士贴心为您定制,具有高度责任感的宴会团队与24小时的管理服务,时刻准备着为您提供优质个性化的服务。

  • Whether it is a large-scale conference, program, dinner or a private party, we all have professionals who are attentive to your needs. With a highly responsible banquet team and 24-hour management services, they are always ready to provide you with high-quality personalized service.

其他设施 Other Facilities
酒店拥有三种不同类型的商务套房,配备完善的电脑设施,满足商务人士的一切需求。 The hotel has three different types of business suites, and all rooms are equipped with complete computer facilities to meet the needs of business people.
  • 桑拿足浴中心 Sauna & Foot Spa Center

  • 乒乓球室 Table Tennis Room

  • 棋牌中心 Chess Center

  • 健身中心 Fitness Center

其他餐饮 Other Restaurants
  • 鞋城1-163A Shoes City 1-163A 0573-872503370573-87250337
  • 皮具箱包批发1-C Leather goods and bags wholesale 1-C 0871-87040661
  • 皮具箱包批发1-C Leather goods and bags wholesale 1-C 0573-87901580转88060573-87901580 to 8806
  • A座 4楼 Floor 4, Building A
  • 商铺地址 联系电话 店名
  • 雁荡山路13号 0573-87782655 东东土菜馆
  • 雁荡山路23号 0573-87530755 海宁土菜馆
  • 雁荡山路27号 0573-87230101 胖师傅
  • 雁荡山路29号 0573-87181148 海宁煲
  • 雁荡山路31号 0573-87313578 咸八仙
  • 雁荡山路19号 聚仙楼
  • 雁荡山路21号 意味轩
  • 雁荡山路25号 沈记快餐
  • EF座 1楼 6楼 Floor 1, Floor 6, Building EF
  • 五期F6-222 老街坊
  • 五期F6-223 鱼鸭馆
  • 五期F6-225 好运来
  • 五期E1楼东南角 港龙茶餐厅
  • BC座 4楼 Floor 4, Building BC
  • 商铺地址 联系电话 店名
  • 辅料A22-A25 0573-8780 8277 鱼鸭馆
  • 辅料A19-A21 0573-8780 6777 阿龙煲店
  • 辅料A15-A17 0573-8721 3788 沈记美食
  • 辅料A10-A14 0573-8707 9777 168滋味轩
  • 辅料A6-A9 0573-8731 5608
    0573-8712 3777
  • 毛皮1-002 0573-8708 7979 江南名家
  • 鞋城1-159、160 0573-8721 0101 胖胖家常菜
  • 鞋城1-161 0573-8721 2677 明记面馆
  • 鞋城1-162 0573-8725 0317 来必吃
  • 皮具箱包批发1-C 0573-8729 7635 蒙自源
  • 鞋城1-163B 避风港
  • D座 4楼 Floor 4, Building D
  • 非洲路 0573-87067288 宁土菜馆
  • 非洲路 0573-87070709 佳华美食城
  • Floor 4, Building A
  • Shop Address Phone Number Store Name
  • No 13, Yandangshan Road, 0573-87782655 Dongdong Local Restaurant
  • No 23, Yandangshan Road, 0573-87530755 Haining Local Restaurant
  • No. 27, Yandangshan Road, 0573-87230101 PANGSHIFU Restaurant
  • No. 29, Yandangshan Road, 0573-87181148 Haining Clay Pot Restaurant
  • No. 31, Yandangshan Road, 0573-87313578 No. 31, Yandangshan Road,
  • No. 19, Yandangshan Road, Juxianlou Restaurant
  • No. 21, Yandangshan Road, Yiweixuan Restaurant
  • No. 25, Yandangshan Road, Shen’s Fast Food Restaurant
  • Floor 1, Floor 6, Building EF
  • Shop Address Phone Number Phone Number
  • Phrase V, F6-222, Laojiefang (Old Neighbour)
  • Phrase V F6-223, Fish & Duck Restaurant
  • Phrase V F6-225, Haoyunlai (Good Luck) Restaurant
  • Phrase E1, Southeastern corner, Ganglong Tea Restaurant
  • Floor 4, Building BC
  • Shop Address Phone Number Phone Number
  • Accessories A22-A25, 0573-8780 8277 Fish & Duck Restaurant
  • Accessories A19-A21, 0573-8780 6777 Along Clay Pot Restaurant
  • Accessories A15-A17, 0573-8721 3788 Shen’s Food Restaurant
  • Accessories A10-A14, 0573-8707 9777 168 Ziweixuan Restaurant
  • Accessories A6-A9, 0573-8731 5608
    0573-8712 3777
    Qiaoshou Mama (Deft Mom) Restaurant
  • Fur, 1-002, 0573-8708 7979 Jiangnan Famous Restaurant
  • Shoes City 1-159,160 0573-8721 0101 Fatty Home Cooking/span>
  • Shoes City 1-161, 0573-8721 2677 Ming’s Noodle Restaurant
  • Shoes City 1-162, 0573-8725 0317 Bilaichi (Must Come to Eat)
  • Leather goods and bags wholesale 1-C, 0573-8729 7635 Meng Ziyuan
  • Shoes City 1-163B, Harbor
  • Floor 4, Building D
  • Shop Address Phone Number Phone Number
  • African Road, 0573-87067288 Ning Local Restaurant
  • African Road, 0573-87070709 Jiahua Food Palace
全国分市场 Nationwide ?chain markets
  • 海宁中国皮革城总机:0573-87010001
    Haining China leather city switchboard: 0573-87010001
  • 网站服务热线:0573-87219968
    Website service hotline: 0573-87219968
  • 旅游客服热线:0573-87219920
    Tourist service hotline: 0573-87219920
  • 客户服务中心热线:0573-87219315
    Customer service center hotline: 0573-87219315
  • 传真:0573-87219968
    Fax: 0573-87219968
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    Email: hclc@vip.126.com, pgcnews@163.com
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